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Thus, you may light up jasmine-scented incense sticks following a stressful day at work using the aim of making a warm, relaxing atmosphere filled with mellow music and comfort food. Otherwise you develop a romantic vibe by burning rose-scented incense sticks within the bedroom.

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Well, why keep all the fun to yourself when you are able spread it to your family and friends?

 And the best thing is how the gifts of herbal incenses and other aromatherapy products do not require special occasions to warrant their giving!

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Why Herbal Incenses

Be sure to include as much scents of herbal incenses as possible in your gift basket. If possible, you need to cover a good portion from the available herbal incenses from amber to white rose and the rest in between. You may also build your gift more colorful by mixing in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes of herbal incenses from red to violet along with thin sticks to fat cones.

 If you will find a small guidebook on herbal incenses, it would make for a better gift. At the minimum, your gift recipient will not wonder as to which end to light and which incense to make use of in a particular situation.

Soy and Gas Candles

It's also wise to add candles created from eco-friendly soy and nose-friendly essential oils. In this way, your gift recipient will have a choice between your incense and also the candles based on the purpose.

 As an example, incenses aren't best for enclosed spaces since the risks of overexposure for the smoke are available - think bathrooms.
 Or candles are better for situations where bringing back the romance of yesteryears is the purpose - think candles at the forefront for the bedroom.
 Plus, candles alllow for beautiful addendums to the d�cor.
 Your friend will understand the added touch of coziness.

Essential Oils

The beauty about essential oils is the fact that they're very versatile.

 You can use them in lamps to produce the right atmosphere.
 You will add these phones bathwater for a nice change.
 You may apply them to massage oils and natural perfumes to make unique scents.

Again, it will likely be a pleasant touch if you're able to incorporate a guidebook on the use of essential oils.

 You might even take pleasure in the benefits later as your friend may give you a brand new scent of their own making along with you as the inspiration.

Herbal Soaps and Shampoos

You could then top up your gift with personal care items like herbal soaps and shampoos.

 You have many choices on this matter in the essential olive oil moisturizing soaps to the rose shampoos for great-smelling hair.
 Of course, you must understand the allergies of the gift recipient.
 You wish to provide a gift of affection as well as health, not a gift of problems.

Many of these aromatherapy items should then be artfully arranged inside a gift basket.

 You may add bath towels and sponges to beautify the basket then wrap a ribbon around it.
 Or if you don't possess a gift basket, then the small bucket or a tin wash tub will suffice.
 And that is the method that you make someone satisfied with aromatherapy!


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